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.:Prima Ballerina:.
Attribute: Light
Archetype: Danseuse
Type: Warrior
Monster Cards
Blanc Cygne Danseuse Odette | This card can be special summoned from your hand if there is a "Danseuse" tuner monster on your side of the field, however you can only special summon "Danseuse" monsters for the rest of this turn.
Bleu Danseuse Clara | If this card is normal summoned, you can draw up to the equal amount of "Danseuse" monsters on your side of the field.
Escrime Danseuse Aminta | When you draw this card: you can reveal this card to your opponent and special summon it from your hand directly to the field in face-up defensive position. If this card was special summoned this way, double the attack of all "Danseuse" monsters you currently control.
Étoile Danseuse Daaé | You can special summon this card from your hand if you control a face-up synchro monster on your side of the field. Once per turn, during either players t
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.:Shizuka Yuki:. by Ophiliaflowers .:Shizuka Yuki:. :iconophiliaflowers:Ophiliaflowers 5 8 .:Kisa Tanith:. by Ophiliaflowers .:Kisa Tanith:. :iconophiliaflowers:Ophiliaflowers 4 15
 Often it is said that 'blood is thicker than water' to show a family's strength, yet that cannot be further from the truth. Family is more than just blood. It is about connection. And Sango was running around her father, grabbing hold of his hand to make him spin with her. A few times he nearly tripped. He smiled still at Sango as they walked the path. Sango talked aloud to herself of what she hoped would happen. Hideki laughed to himself, ruffling up his daughter's hair. With tired eyes he read the paper in his hand and looked up.
“Look Sango, we've arrived,” he said, eying the numbers on the door. He gently took his daughter by the hand; with the other, he rang the doorbell. Hideki sucked in a breath. A warm voice called out beyond the door. The shuffling of footsteps and shoes could be heard. He took the chance and knelt down before Sango. Fixing up her pigtails, Hideki placed his hands atop her shoulders and pressed his forehead to hers.
“Daddy?” Sango
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Nothing help calmed one's nerves quicker than a good old breathing exercise. Patty nearly threw up. She laid on her bed, knees curled up to her chest and a hand pressed to her mouth. A groan, muffled by her hand, left her as her stomach knotted up once more. Patty reached with her free hand for her phone. Scanning the screen, Patty's heart beat faster.
Patty breathed deeply.
“He's coming over. You have to get ready,” she said to herself. Removing herself from the safety of her bed, Patty made her way to the bathroom. A look of horror flashed across her face at the sight of unruly hair and bloodshot eyes. Patty nibbled her bottom lip. She gently slapped her cheeks and shook her head. She went to work; first dealing with her reddening eyes.
After a dose of eye drops and washing her face, Patty jumped in the shower. Her stomach knotted up again. Patty faltered. Her hands dropped from washing her hair to wrapping around her waist. She cast a glare at her belly. A sigh left her
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.:Timeline:. by Ophiliaflowers .:Timeline:. :iconophiliaflowers:Ophiliaflowers 7 12 .:When You Love:. by Ophiliaflowers .:When You Love:. :iconophiliaflowers:Ophiliaflowers 4 13


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United States


Call me Ophilia ( or Ophi for short ) and I live in the Pacific time zone ( UTC-08:00 ). I share this account with my dear friend and roommate, Scooby!! Everything she posts on this account will prominently be written works, while I myself will be posting mainly art ( and possibly written works as well, but I'll make sure in the description that you know it's mine and not Scooby's ).


Bayonetta | Devil May Cry
• Mădălina Floarea ( umbra witch | female )
• Leonardo Alighieri ( lumen sage | male )
• Madama Aminta ( demoness | female )
• Delacroix | Blue Rose ( devil arm | female )
• Lamia | Red Queen ( devil arm | female )
• Joy | White Queen ( angel arm | female )
Left 4 Dead | Resident Evil
• Emma Lynn Valentine ( survivor | female )
Silent Hill
• Blaire Liddell ( victim | female )
• Kisa Tanith ( dm | female )
• Sango Hama ( 5ds | female )
• Minami Hama-Kessler ( 5ds | female )
• Ichigo Hama-Kessler ( 5ds | male )
• Helena ( 5ds | female )
• Belladonna (5ds | non-binary )
• Colette Fleuret ( 5ds | female )
• Chauncey Fleuret-Soichi ( 5ds | male )
• Olive Rousey ( 5ds | female )
Naruto | Naruto: Shippuden
• Tsuki Uchiha ( grass | female )
• Akira Fujita ( grass | male )
• Hige Nekomori ( grass | male )
• Daisuke Kiryuu ( leaf | male )
• Shizuka Yuki ( mist | female )
• Kyouta Dengeki ( mist | male )
• Kyōka Ōtsutsuki ( moon | female )

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